The Realm Of The Faery King

a trip into the mind of a madman

His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King
24 September 1960
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Yust just is the Faery King. He was crowned on July 7th, 1979 on a beach in the Florida Keys By Tempest.

Sonnets--To Swinburne

POET! thou art to me a faery king

Dwelling in some weird place of witchery,

Some garden where unnumbered roses vie

In color with the hollyhocks that spring

On every side in scarlet wantoning

And lilies'neath the gaudier herbage lie

And violets unclose their leaves near by

While stately sunflowers guard each opening.

And in that garden-realm magnificent

I often see thee walking-stopping now