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His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

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The Spice Must Flow [May. 24th, 2014|03:49 pm]
His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

Dear Friends,

Sorry if this kind of fund-raising annoys you but please hear me out on this, as we are dealing with many artists, in need of supplies and support.

We are not asking for a lot, really bottom line, at five of ten bucks in an envelope no muss, no fuss and I won’t dirty your windshield, like the homeless guy, while trying to rinse a little of you money away from you.

Hey listen; I may be a pain in the ass, being one of those pesky hippy true believers and all. You might even want to tell me to go fuck myself, with love of course, but remember; I am awful cuddly.

At least that’s what my therapists tell me, as we begin barter negotiations for my treatment in exchange for tricks I learned in the whorehouse of Boston politics..

As I learned in The Middle East, you have got to give a little to get a little.

Seriously, if at any time in the future you are in need of anything from supplies to promo work on your events, please let me know, especially if you have been supportive of us, either with Rothschild’s money of that box of art supplies that has collected duct in your basement for years.

One of the joys of being freelance is I can do ad work for events in opposition to one another regionally, whenever and wherever I like..

So, Shea and I have been kicking an idea we call the Starbucks solution IE not going for a five to ten dollar order once a week, twice a month or monthly, and send those funds to The Gossamer Court, 64 Gerry Road, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.

You could also use our GoFundMe at http://www.gofundme.com/the-gossamer-court or paypal celestial.navigator@yahoo.com for a gift. We really appreciate and need your help.

We finally have the funds to buy a badly needed camera to photograph the artists works and shoot set-ups for makeup artists etc.. Our campaign for collecting photographs, visual documentation, written works such as poetry, MP3’s etc.. has already begun.

If you have art supplies or boxes of yarn, beads, brushes, leather, shells, rocks, stones crystals, wire for wrappings, animal products except for doo do, paints that you collected during someone’s passing fancy or that someone left behind six years ago, they are not coming back for it, so please send it to where it will do some good.

We will be at Starwood and Sirius Rising, so if you are going and have stuff to bring The GC, just give Shea, King Little Hawk or myself a heads up.

NOTE: Anything that has to do with jewelry making, hemp, wire, stones, beads, the tools to put them together goes to the head of the class. I will be bring some items from the Artebank but we are running low on those supplies because folks always want to make jewelry, although the mini-canvasses went over well last year.

And seriously if you have nothing to give us materially this time around then by all means, please keep sending your positive energy, even and especially if it is along the lines of I hope he gets what he needs for these no account pain in the ass hippy artists so he will just shut up and go away.

I am down with that sentiment, especially if it means we are able to stock the flock.

It all goes to them. And on behalf of all, Danka!

One last thing, please cut and paste the GC paypal photo attached to this letter and post it where people can see it, if you are able and if you support the spirit of what we do, and our artists.

Thank you so much.


yust on behalf of shea and the artists of The Gossamer Court (857) 225,7500branch



[User Picture]From: merlinwon
2014-09-25 09:39 am (UTC)

Off Topic ..

***Happy Birthday!!!*** :)

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