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PLEASE DO HELP THE GOSSAMER COURT WITH OUR ANNUAL DRIVE..... - The Realm Of The Faery King — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

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His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

shea6                                                                                                                             Shea is the poster child for the dream fund because he embodies the disciplined artist that is willing to bust his butt. Working hours a day, week after week, in pursuit of his dreams as an artist, be it though his wood carving, stone wrapping, etching, painting, fire martial arts and spinning. We have others who are either ready of near ready but lets use Shea, King Little Hawk as the example;

All his life there have been people who have tried to discourage him, in pursuit of his dreams as an artist, people that said he was chasing a pipe dream, and that his mentor Yust was the pied piper, leading him astray, down that alley of disappointment, because a kid from West Virginia, with traumatic brain injury, succeeding as an artist was a fool’s errand, and anyone that thought he could do it was just as crazy as Little Hawk is.

Shea expressed a desire that he really wanted other people to experience the bliss of CoSM. You see, He is Shea, King Little Hawk, Guardian-Protector of the Indigo, my successor, for a reason, because he too believes in healing through art and wants others to experience the healing joy of what we do as artists and performers. Our job is, through or efforts and those in our circle, is to raise awareness and awakening to the Star Seeds, Indigo, Crystal, Elder Children and Astral Light Workers, now come home to roost and help heal this ailing world, with their medicine and magick. The lion’s share of our work is to make dreams come true, for the greater good. We really do help as many people as we can, with all that we have.

CAN YOU HELP? OH, PLEASE DO!!!!! I have had to underwrite so much since both my Cousin Zander and Lord Vikingheart passed, and we need help, in the absence of corporate sponsorship.

I can work on a small budget, squeezing each and every dollar until the eagle grins, but The Gossamer Court, once again really needs your help.

Instead of getting a lattee/capp/espresso/Americano/red eye/cocoa/coffee from *Fivebucks, please, just once a week, put the money in an envelope and send it to;

G.C.L Gossamer Court Limited/ 64 Gerry Rd, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Please mark one of two ways “Standard Artist Fund” or “Performance Fund”

If you decide to use paypal then please us celestial.navigator@yahoo.com

We also accept gift cards for stores that carry hardware, art supplies, material, copying etc…

If you are getting back $610.17 on your tax return then please round it off and gift us with the $10.17

One less chocolate bar.

A gallon of gas.

An d while we have a never-ending need for supplies, and our supplies do get used up, some cash donations would be greatly appreciated.

The wish list usually remain s the same, al though some heavier tools and pieces of equipment could find a home easily. Sewing machine, postage stamps, Card stock, laminating machine, serger, digital camera, any 35mm camera, tape recorders (cassette or digital) Any recording devices good for samples, old cardboard cameras, metals kiln, a small lathe, drills, saws, rock tumbler, sander, broken jewelry, watches, clocks, polishers, wire of all kinds, silver, copper, brass, steel, leather, fur, horns, antlers, paints, waxed linen, books on design for wood and clay, glue, molds, stamps, resin, tribal symbology encyclopedia, crochet needles, yarn, knitting needles, hooks for hooking rugs, origami paper, unusual card stock, tie dye materials, canvass, paper for sketching, water colors, caran dache, rapidiograph pens, brushes, beads, pens, drafting instruments, mask and hat blanks, anything steam punk related, canvass, mosaic tiles, hemp, needle point items, stones, semi-precious stones, gears from old electronics, old instruments, drum heads, odd shaped tea and tobacco times, soldering irons, engraving tools, all tools used in jewelry making    http://youtu.be/TVlcZ9B